Strong Winged Eyeliner Tutorial (2)

Strong Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Eyeliner can be considered the spice of the makeup, or better say the cherry from the top, as without it our eyes can look pretty plane. The way you do the eyeline can change the
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cat eyes eyeliner

Perfect Eyeliner Tutorial

Seems easy, but finding the perfect way to line your eyes can become quite tricky. Pencils, liquid liners or powders are all great to create different looks for different people. You will find out here
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Double Eyeliner Look

Accentuate your eyes with this double eyeliner tutorial that will make you feel like an Egyptian goddess. If you go for more bold looks this
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Quick and Easy Eyeliner Trick (2)

Quick and Easy Eyeliner Trick

Eyeliner changes massively the way our eyes look. Not being skilled at makeup is not a problem when we have so many easy tricks for you on how to create certain looks. Even girls who
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