Stripes Nail Design Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a stripes nail design. You will need: - nail base coat; - nail top coat; - white nail polish; - colored nail polish (here: blue and red); -
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Heart Print Denim – DIY

Heart Print Denim – DIY

This heart print denim look is perfect for any occasion and it takes less than half an hour to make. You will need: - jeans; - fabric paint; - sponge brush; - heart punch or
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3D Lip Effect Trick

Charming lips are very important for your beautiful appearance, that`s why you should know some easy tricks, that will grace you with cute lips, without
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cute handbag from a sweater DIY

Chic Handbag Made from an Old Sweater – DIY

This cute handbag will make a good impression wherever you go. Roomy and chic, it will make you happy and satisfied with your accomplishment, because you're gonna do it by following the instructions and especially the pictures below.
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