Gorgeous and Easy Pull-Through Braid (2)

Gorgeous and Easy Pull-Through Braid

Here we have a lovely hairstyle, stylish and very easy to make, based on pull-through braiding. Check out the pictures and the video below to find the procedure! You will need: - bobby pins, -
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Amazing Hairstyle for Long Hair

Lately there is this obsession with braided hair. And truly there is something special about a clean braided hair, it is in the same time elegant and it gives you this relaxed feeling. Here is
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Wonderful Braiding Idea

Here we have a hairstyle idea that might seem difficult, but if you meticulously follow the steps, the result would be amazing. Directions: Center the
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Butterfly Hairstyle

butterfly hairstyle 1
This type of hairstyle is elegant and funny at the same time. To make a butterfly from your hair is a little unusual, but the
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