cute handbag from a sweater DIY

Chic Handbag Made from an Old Sweater – DIY

This cute handbag will make a good impression wherever you go. Roomy and chic, it will make you happy and satisfied with your accomplishment, because you're gonna do it by following the instructions and especially the pictures below.
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Stylish Cat Stockings

Tunics, skirts and dresses look even more fabulous when we team them up with sassy stockings! And the shops are full of designs and colors that complement your attire and add that extra zing! But
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Entangled Jewellery Collection by NIIRO

No one can actually deny that jewellery improves your look, but this entangled jewelry collection by  NIIRO would take the word “beauty” to a whole new level. Rosana Raljević Ceglar (also known as Niiro), a jewelry
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Michael Kors Sunny Summer 2013

Michael Kors comes this Summer with an amazing collection of refined luxury accessories as bags, wallets, watches, bracelets, necklaces, giving a glamorous note to your
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Summertime Fashionable Floppy Hats

Let not the hot summer sun dampen your spirits or your style! In fact, you can cleverly use those scorching rays to instantly push your fashion quotient a notch higher. Guess how? Well, by adorning
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