T-Shirt Reconstruction Project – DIY

Did you ever count how many oversized t-shirts are sleeping in your closet or your boyfriends one? If you didn’t do that so far, go and do it and realize how many unused things you own! It’s such a shame to leave them sitting there and not find a purpose for them. We suggest you to reuse them and turn them into beautiful summer dresses you can wear by day while doing your shopping or by the beach, when you are going to get that awesome tan! In order to make this cute clothing item, you need to have a sewing machine and a few sewing skills and we are sure a lot of our beautiful audience has them.

What you will need:

– old oversized t-shirt;
– old swimsuit top or a short summer top similar to what you can see in the picture;
– some fabric you have at home or another t-shirt (different color);
– sewing machine;
– one zipper (size of your choice);
– scissors and some pins.


1. Start with cutting the sleeves area and neck area out of the t-shirt as you can see in picture no. 2.

2. Fold the body in the middle and cut down a small piece of fabric so you make the edges straight.

3.Cut your material into 3 pieces as you can see in picture no. 4 and also cut 3 pieces of the other fabric you have (this will come between the bra and t-shirt material).

4. Sew the 3 t-shirt pieces together and only in the middle part sew the different colored material to it (see picture no. 7).

5. Attach the top to the bottom part you made then when you reach the back and you have to sew the final part of the dress add the zipper.

6. The project is finished and wear the dress with the ribbon in the back. Hope you enjoyed this!

t-shirt dress

Photo courtesy: cancandancer.

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