4 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine Mother Nature Friendly

Thinking of making a complete turn-around on your lifestyle and going green for the sake of Mother Nature? If yes, then we guarantee you this will be among the best decisions you’ll make, in your life. While there are plenty of ways to green up your lifestyle, an excellent place to start is to make your beauty routine environmentally friendly.

Got no idea where to start? Well, not to worry because we got you. Below is a list outlining some of the small steps you can take to embrace sustainable beauty.

1. Buy Less

The more beauty products you add to your makeup organizer, the more plastic your beauty routine produces and, consequently, more plastic in landfills and oceans! Therefore, next time you’re shopping, ask yourself whether you really need to buy a day cream and a night cream at the same time. Do you also really need to apply a pre-mask oil every time you plan on using a face-mask?

In a nutshell, buy only the products you need. If possible, purchase double use products to reduce the amount of waste coming from your beauty organizer. For instance, go for a face scrub that can exfoliate your face and lips instead of two separate scrubs!

2. Shop Better

Just because you’re buying less doesn’t mean you purchase from any brand you come across. Take your sustainable beauty efforts a notch higher by shopping from brands that don’t just claim to be green but are actually green.

Such brands are usually cruelty-free, meaning their products contain no animal-derived ingredients, and neither have they been tested on animals.

They also do not use packaging that could end up in landfills or the ocean and also have no toxic ingredients. Make it a priority from brands that fit this description only.

3. Ditch the Single Use Face Wipes and Cotton Pads

We know face wipes are a lifesaver, especially when you need to remove or update your makeup on the go. But here is the ugly truth; a single disposable face wipe takes 100 years to decompose! That’s a whole century of that wipe you only used to wipe your lipstick off sitting on earth!

That small mountain of cotton pads you create removing your makeup or applying toner not only ends up in landfills but also has a significant carbon footprint thanks to its heavily chemical-based growth and manufacturing process.

A step towards sustainable beauty is ditching single-use face wipes and cotton pads for reusable, biodegradable ones. For instance, get washable, reusable cotton pads, or microfiber cloths.

4. Go Naked!

We are not implying you strip and walk naked. What we suggest is you opt for naked beauty products or minimally packaged products. For instance, instead of plastic-bottle shampoo, why don’t you opt for shampoo bars or soap? If you can’t give up shower gel, then go for brands that use only reusable, biodegradable packaging or those that offer you the option to refill and recycle.

With over 8 million tons of plastic making its way to our oceans every year and air pollution slowly killing our planet, the least you can do to make the world a better place is clean up your lifestyle. An easy way to do this is to embrace sustainable beauty, and as you can see from the tips above, doing this isn’t hard. It involves making small changes and shopping from brands that truly understand the essence of going green.

Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash.

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