Tricks To Survive Valentine’s Day (If You’re Single)

Valentine’s Day, the day of love and ~romance~ is just around the corner. Now, while some are getting ready for chocolate, date nights, and fancy dinner, some of us have no other option to spend what’s known as the Single Valentine’s Day. To be frank, it simply refers to Valentine’s Day spent alone a.k.a without your partner.
But it doesn’t mean you have to spend it this year all gloomy and sad. The good news is, there are some tips that can help you get through this rather bittersweet day of the year. Check the list below.

1. Change your mindset
Realize that being alone during Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the world is over for you. In fact, it has always been a commercial day that has been going for decades. Plus, you’re not alone! Worldwide, there are millions of singles who spend the day alone, so relax.

2. Stop complaining
We understand you might feel terrible being alone on such a lovey-dovey day. But, really, complaining does nothing to fix the situation and you’ll end up feeling worse. Complaining to friends and family members can make them feel bad, so you’re helping no one, really. If necessary, stay away from your social media and TV, and do something to take your mind off it.

3. Treat yourself
A spa, massage, or binging on your favorite foods for a day can help you feel better; much better than complaining and feeling low. Entertain yourself; indulge yourself on things you like but can’t experience on most days.

4. Clean and organize your space
Whether it’s your room, apartment, or house; some cleaning can help you to feel better. Feeling better equals less negative thought; which results to a happier day!

5. Bond with other singles
You’d be surprised to know that there are so so many other singles out there feeling the same way as you do, and would be happy to spend time with you during Valentine’s Day. Check your social media accounts several days before the D-day to see if there’s any group meeting or better, party, thrown. If you cringe at the thought of spending time with strangers, hit up your friends, family members, or basically anyone you know that wouldn’t mind spending time and become your object of affection of the day. But, be careful…

6. Avoid braggers and couples
They are your worst enemies! While some of your friends may unintentionally over-share their love life with you, it can hurt twice as much when it’s Valentine’s Day. Choose your companion wisely during Valentines, but spend time with them afterwards.

7. Get ready for next year’s Valentine’s Day
If you feel like dating, or just seeing someone, try to put on effort on dating and meeting people. Blind dates, dating apps, as well as self-improvement can do much. If your friends offer to introduce you to someone they know, don’t be so quick to turn them down. You never know, probably the love of your life is just around the corner!

8. Be satisfied
However, if your circumstances don’t allow you to date, or you choose not to; there’s nothing wrong with you. Your self-worth isn’t define by the existence of a partner; or the lack of thereof. There’s no need to rush! Stay happy regardless of your relationship status.

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