Why Summer is Annoying – Things Girls Experience During Summer

Summer, for some, might be the best season out of the four. Like, why not? We have summer break, beaches, bikinis, and summer parties. But before you nod in agreement, let us list why summer is annoying – especially for girls. Then, perhaps you can question the notion ‘summer is the best part of the year.’

  • Your makeup melts

Yes, like an ice cube on a hot summer day. Keeping your makeup intact is just as impossible as feeling cold during summer; you rarely can. Setting spray is a good way to avoid the meltdown, but in the end: staying indoors, somewhere air-conditioned is still the best way.


  •  Sunburn

Okay, it’s a bit unfair to say only girls suffer from sunburn. In fact, all of us does! So, yeah, that’s the most important reason why summer is annoying.

  • Tan lines

We mean, tan lines are great. These days, bikinis with heart-shaped or flower-shaped cutouts allow you to have cute tan lines. What is not cute, however, if the tan lines are not like how you expected them to be.


  • The pressure to have summer body

If you’re naturally thin – great! But unfortunately, not everyone welcomes body positivity. Plus, when you surf the social media, there’s a good chance you’d be bombarded with pictures of tanned, slim, toned girls posing in their bikinis. That being said, what others say about your body should not prevent you from wearing certain clothes. If you feel like showing some skin, show ‘em what you got!


  • Shaving

Shaving is never a fun activity to begin with. Shaving during summer? Hell defined.


  • Wardrobe malfunction

Summer dresses are cute, frilly, lightweight,….and keep you on your dress. Exhibit 2 (insert picture) Uh-huh. So now you understand why you need to be extra careful about what you wear.


  • Staying cool is nearly impossible

Unless you are ready to empty your bank account to pay for the electricity bill; turning on the air conditioner 24/7 is not a plausible.

  • Long hair is just too much of a hassle

Suddenly short bob hair cut seems to be very enticing. After all, no one enjoys sweaty neck (especially if you wear necklace).


  • Sweat, sweat, sweat

Sweat stain is a huge nightmare. Not only on your clothes; but on your chair, on your pants, and practically everywhere. Ew, bye.

  • Calluses and corns and cracked heels

Summer means sandals; and who wants to go around with calluses and corns on their toes? Not you. Cracked heels? No way!


  • Thigh chafing

Unless you have a thigh gap, thigh chafing is pretty natural when it’s summer time. The solution? Vaseline, baby powder, anti chafe balm, or even bandelettes (lace bands you wrap around your thighs to prevent friction) can do wonder.

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