Subtle Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Smokey eyes are great to wear, most women look sophisticated with them, but for some it is just too much. What can you do if you still want to have a smokey eye but not as noticeable? Try out our subtle eye makeup tutorial. It is great for women who still want to wear makeup (smokey eye) but not so strident.

Subtle Smokey Eye Tutorial

What you will need:
– dark blue and silver eyeshadow;
– eyeshadow primer;
– blending brush;
– liquid eyeliner or a black pencil;
– mascara.

1. Apply eyeshadow primer on your eyelid and then take the blending brush and start adding gently the dark blue eyeshadow. Don’t go all the way up, keep it low as you can see in the pictures.
2. Start adding silver eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye until the middle part of the eyelid then blend the 2 colors together.
3. Line your eyes with the liquid eyeliner or the pencil then apply mascara.
4. Line the lower lash line if you have big eyes and you want more definition. If you have small eyes avoid that because a line there will make them look smaller.

Subtle Smokey Eye Tutorial

Photo courtesy: styldrv.

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