Stylish T-shirt – DIY

Stylish T-shirt made from a blouse - DIY

This project helps you to give a fashionable look to an old shirt. Inspired by OurLifeIsBeautiful, this idea is a great one to save money and be stylish at the same time.

You will need:
– a large blouse;
– sewing machine;
– scissors.


1. Transform the large blouse into one that fits you perfectly: measuring how much to cut, then cut up the sleeves into a cap sleeve, and cut up the sides. Sew only the sides.

2. Cut up the neckline hem. Note that the front of the shirt will end up to be the back of the shirt and the back will be the front of the shirt. You need to make this since the neckline has to be pretty high enough to drape for the cowlneck effect.

3. After the shirt is modified, work on the sleeves. You pinch about 1/6″ inch of the material and sew it straight line horizontally, from the start of the neckline to the end of the sleeves. Make about 17 lines in the front and 16 lines in the back. (You don’t have to do the back at all if the neckline of the shirt fits just fine). The distances between the rows are approximately 1/2″ apart. Do the procedure again for the other sleeve. To not obtain so futuristic looking sleeves that stick out straight on the shoulders, gather the end of the them by sewing on stitch length 5 and pulling it together to give it a “curved, round” aspect.

4. Apply the the same procedure on the right side of the shirt, but successively get longer per line. The longest row is the center of the shirt. One row after the other is about 1/3″ longer or shorter. Enjoy!

Stylish T-shirt - DIY Photo courtesy: OurLifeIsBeautiful.

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