Jeans for all Occasions – 8 Awesome Styling Tips

A nice, well-fitted pair of jeans is probably one of the most versatile items of clothing to adorn our wardrobes! We wear it to the college, dates, family outings, and sometimes on Fridays to office too! All we need are the right accessories to go and we are ready and raring, even for those last minute meet-ups! Here are 8 awesome ways in which you can step up the style quotient of your favourite pair of jeans:

1. Dancing Queen:
Layer your outfit so that you are ready to burn the dance floor and also cover up as soon as you are outside. You definitely don’t want to sit at the bar and watch everyone dance, but you, thanks to your toe-crushing heels! Comfortable and chic shoes are therefore a must, to make all that booty-shaking enjoyable! And not to forget, cutesy accessories that will bring out the best in each of your terrific moves!

2. Call of the wild:
Head to the hills for a good hike in a relaxed pair of denims to allow ease of movement. Ripping seams as you trek can land you into embarrassing incidents that you can surely avoid! Pair these with a colour-pop jacket, vest, sports shoes or hiking boots and an adorable cap to protect your delicate skin and hair. And of course, goes without saying, keep that sun-tan lotion handy!

3. The Pajama Party:
You’ve got your girls together, and it’s going to be one amazing night of goofing around and experimenting with all those new YouTube makeup tutorials (don’t deny it, we all do that!). In preparing for this gala night, get those jeans out again, a nice off-shoulder sweatshirt, casual flat bellies for running around each other, and probably a scarf or two, to keep hair away from the face while you test out make-up techniques on each other!

4. Date Night:
It’s time to brush away the cobwebs from those elegant stilettos. Nothing looks more intoxicating than a killer pair of jeans and high heels. Team up with a flowing top and a light jacket. Keep a scarf handy as a gorgeous accessory around your neck, that can also serve as a headscarf in the morning. Remember to carry a big-enough bag to carry around your essentials for the morning, just in case he turns out to be The One!

5. The Sunday Brunch with the Girls:
This is one gathering which can extend to an all-day party! Here comfort is the key when deciding what to wear. Pick a loose bright shirt, along with skinny jeans and couple it with a pair of flats. Carry a chic oversized bag, a pair of dashing sunglasses and accessories to go!

6. The Family Dinner:
You may be a wild freak at heart, but family dinners demand that you turn up prim and proper. You are so good with selecting your outfits that you can easily carry off the sophisticated look with élan, again with a pair of those much-loved jeans! Team up with a well-cut blazer, an elegant pair of ballet flats, and earrings that announce your style and youth, all at once!

7. The ‘Ex’ Factor:
Bumping into your ex can be a mean experience, and you’d surely like to make it a mean one for him! Look your sassy best with a camisole top, stylish heeled sandals, a trendy bag, chandelier earrings, and those skinny jeans. He is sure to be filled with regrets!

8. Best-friend or Boy-friend?:
When you aren’t sure about him -whether you are dating your friend, or simply hanging about town with a boy-friend, you’d like to keep it casual to avoid any tongue-in-cheek moments! So, couple a charming tank top with booties and jeans, a trendy pair of aviators. Add a light jacket to complete the look!

So, the next time you are short on time, you know that your pair of jeans is the ultimate life-saver!

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Source: Cosmopolitan.

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