Strawberry Roses Dessert

Today we want to speak to you about strawberries. There are not many things that you can do with them, therefore any recipe we will share with you will surprise you. You know that sometimes, sharpening a little ingenuity, you can get some originality in common things. We want to share with you a simple and effective way of cooking a dessert that will confuse your guests for they will not know if they have roses on the table or strawberries that look like roses or a dessert.

You will need (for about 4 cups):
– 500g of strawberries (either fresh, impact or spots);
– 25-30 gr sugar (depending on your tastes);
– 1 lemon (you can also use vinegar);
– 200 ml whipping cream (35% fat);
– long wooden sticks.

Directions: Wash the strawberries and pick those that are more good looking for decoration. Also be careful with the fresh green leaves. We did not mention, but for this dessert it is better to use big sized strawberries. Take the not so good looking strawberries and take their leaves off, then cut them into pieces and put them in a bowl with 25-30g of sugar and some lemon juice and leave everything to macerate. Now take the strawberries and stick the sticks on the bottom of them. Next, with a sharp small knife make 4 consecutive cuts at the base of the strawberry. Move towards the top of it, and make other 3 to 4 cuts interposed to the base cuts. At the end you should have about 4 outer base petals, 4 in the middle and two top petals. Take the macerated strawberries and put them in propper glasses, on top of the juicy strawberries pour some whipped cream over the juice. For the final touch, put the strawberry roses in the middle of the glass, and the perfect romantic dessert will be ready to serve.

Strawberry Roses Dessert (2)

Photo courtesy: salseandoenlacocina.

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