Spray Tan Trends To Watch Out For

The demand for spray and other sunless tanning products is growing in the U.S. and abroad, according to research by Transparency Market Research, and customers are as keen on self-tanning products as they are in getting sprayed to golden, youthful, glowing perfection. The ‘edge’ that spray tans have on creams and gels is their ‘evenness.’

Today, we are used to seeing each other on a lens on apps like Instagram and Snapchat, and many fake tan lovers would argue that nothing beats the gentle ‘blur’ of a spray tan. Whether you’re about to have your first spray applied or you’re a seasoned fan of this technique, read on to discover the hottest trends in the business.

Tanning At Home

Beauty buffs know that services you once had to leave your home for – including laser hair removal, acrylic nails and the like – are increasingly being offered as home services. The same now applies to spray tans.

Those doing so on a small scale enjoy being able to afford the equipment and materials they need to enjoy a safe tan all year round; those who are dedicating themselves professionally to this pursuit, meanwhile, are finding it easy to find and retain clients – who in turn are after an easier, more practical, at-home service.

Natural, Organic Ingredients

Sustainability, eco-friendliness, and the desire for natural products are three trends hitting the beauty industry in a big way. American consumers are a far savvier bunch who know more about the potential side-effects of additives, fragrances, alcohols and preservatives in skincare and beauty products. Customers are seeking spray tanning products that are gentle and organic, but which deliver the same intensity and long-lasting results.

Beauty Bar Concepts

Another trend involving spray tans is that of the beauty bar – a one-stop shop in which those after a brow-lash-waxing-spray tan ‘overhall’ can fine-tune their overall look. This concept is ideal for women and men with little time who nevertheless like to look a million bucks in their day-to-day lives. Some companies are even offering additional spa treatments (such as exfoliation, sea salt skin cleanses and the like) prior to spray tanning for a more even result.

Sophistication In Ingredients

As the spray tanning industry has become more sophisticated, the demand for better, longer-lasting, higher-quality products has risen. These days, customers have a plethora of salons to choose from, and they are flocking to those utilizing products that are not sticky and that last a long time. A high-end spray tan will also offer minimal transfer to clothing and no unpleasant odor.

It’s an exciting time for spray tan lovers, with newer, better functioning, healthier products on the market. The growth in mobile spray tanning services means that many former customers are now able to make money from spray tanning. Finally, the industry has become savvier than ever, with a growing demand for long-lasting products that leave no sticky residue or unpleasant smell.

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