How Sports Have Influenced Everyday Fashion

Fashion trends don’t only come from the catwalk. Style inspiration can be found everywhere, and some of our favorite looks have been influenced by athletic superstars. When competition and fashion meet, you get wearable pieces that are both comfortable and cool.

What are some of the top everyday trends that originated in sports? You probably have at least one in your wardrobe.

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1. The Sneakers

A good pair of sneakers will take you anywhere, from working up a sweat to relaxing with friends. The right pair will be a versatile accessory that can be worn with jeans, tracksuits or shorts.

This is why Air Jordan shoes have transitioned from the basketball court to the feet of us regular folk. Jordan 1s are classic and iconic, and those lucky enough to own a pair will have a bounce in their step.

2. The Yoga Pants

Yoga pants aren’t just for yoga. While they may have been designed to support bending and stretching, they have now joined track pants in our everyday wardrobes. With more people working from home due to COVID-19, yoga pants are an obvious choice for daily workwear. Comfortable, casual clothing is something on our minds, and this trend is here to stay.

If you want to give your yoga pants an edgy finish, consider mixing up your look with either a black leather jacket or a denim jacket.

3. The Polo Shirt

From the 19th century, polo was the sport of choice. These days, the polo shirt is more common than the sport itself, but it has made its way into other activities such as golf and tennis.

A polo shirt is a bit dressier than a t-shirt due to the collared neck. It is a style that suits both men and women, and can be worn for work, exercise or relaxing. The most flattering style is slightly fitted in a dark hue such as navy or black.

4. Baseball Caps

Baseball caps may look modern, but they have actually existed since 1860. The first team to wear them were the Brooklyn Excelsiors. The baseball cap has evolved over time, and now these hats are used for sun protection and making a fashion statement.

Why do we love baseball caps? They disguise a bad hair day and give you the opportunity to promote your favorite brand. Whether it is a baseball team, local coffee shop or band, there is probably a baseball cap with their logo on it.

5. Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts have changed over the years. They may be long now, but during the ’70s and ’80s, it was all about the short shorts. Just like Nike Air Jordan shoes, basketball shorts have become a mainstream accessory. It seems fans of the sport can’t get enough of the on-court fashion, and if you want to get the whole look, you can pair your shorts with your team’s jersey.

Sports and Everyday Fashion

Sportswear isn’t just for athletes. When you choose the right pieces, you can be both fashionable and comfortable.

Some of our favorite everyday fashion trends that have been influenced by sports include Jordan sneakers, yoga pants, basketball shorts, baseball caps and polo shirts. With more of us spending time at home, easy everyday style has become our favorite trend. Whether it is basketball, polo, yoga or baseball, chances are you already have some of these accessories in your wardrobe.

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