Split Ends – How to Prevent, Get Rid, and Disguise Them

Split ends are reasonably one of the biggest concerns you could possibly have if you’re growing your hair out or if you intend on keeping it long. Unfortunately, though, split ends are almost unavoidable. Note that, almost. While there are not many fool-proof methods to prevent them, there are practical steps you can take to prevent, get rid, or disguise the split ends. These methods do not work on all types of hair, but they are generally effective.

How To Care For Your Damaged Hair

To care for your split ends, first you need to understand what a split end is. Just like the name suggests, split ends are defined as the tip of a person’s hair which has split from dryness or ill-treatment. Damaged hair is a common problem, and it doesn’t mean you don’t put enough care to your hair.

Split ends can also happen because your hair is too ‘old’, and therefore sometimes the best way to get rid of it is to simply get a trim. However, before getting a trim, you might be frustrated with your hair and ended up snapping or stretching them. This is NOT a good way to get rid of the damaged hair. Instead, again, cut the split ends off and start anew!

Ways To Prevent Split Ends

To prevent split ends, however, the care needs to start early. Let’s start with the most basic thing we all do: brushing your hair. How do you brush your hair? Are you always in a rush? Do you brush your hair harder as time goes by, getting more frustrated with the seemingly never-ending task? Instead of brushing your hair intensely, try taking your time and to be as gentle as possible when brushing your hair. And instead of just any brush, invest in a good detangling brush.

Another tip: when styling, try to use the lowest heat setting. And if possible, avoid heat styling altogether. Also, if you need to style your hair, make sure it’s clean and free from any serum, conditioner, or hair oil excess. If you apply heat protector or any kind of hair product, make sure it’s entirely absorbed before styling your hair.

Disguise The Split Ends

If you don’t have time to get a haircut, but your split ends are all over the place and you need to attend an important event, sometimes the best thing to do is to conceal it. You can either style it (but using heat can instead worsen your split ends) or you can simply apply serum to give it your hair shiny look. Even when done within days or weeks, a simple hair treatment can do a lot. Apply hair conditioner and mask every time you wash your hair until the big day. Then, you can either trim it or continue with the hair treatment to fix the split ends.

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