Spectacularly Strange White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 1 Situated just outside of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand, The White Temple or simply Wat Rong Khun, is a contemporary temple, entirely unconventional and creatively crazy. Elements of pop culture combined with images of devils and aliens present a  battle between good and evil.

The Construction began in 1997, but parts of the facade are yet blank slates prepared to be covered. No matter how that turns out, the white temple is unlike any Buddhist temple in the world. This is more of an particular art project than a devotion to the Buddha. The temple was designed by popular modern Thai artist Chaloemchai Khositphiphat. Enjoy!

Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 2

Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 3
Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 4
Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 5
Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 6
Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 7
Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 8
Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 9
10 Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand
11 Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 11
12 Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 12
13 Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 13
15 Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand
16 Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand
18 white-temple-chapel-of-wat-rong-khun-close-to-chiang-rai
Koi-in-pond-Wat-Rong-Khun-White-Temple-Chiang-Rai-Thailand 17

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