Special Nail Art Tutorial: Chevron Nails

Made with bright colors and very little skill, this chevron nail art tutorial is perfect for various occasions, either you want it for everyday wear or special events, it is great for both types. At first sight it seems difficult to make, especially when you see all the colors and lines involved, but following this tutorial you will find out it is not difficult at all, you need a little attention and it will turn out great.

What you will need:
– white nail polish;
– turquoise nail polish (or mint green);
– silver and black nail polish with special decoration pencil;
– base coat;
– some glitter.


1. Apply the base coat on your nails, then the white nail polish and let them dry (you decide if you need one or two layers of white).
2. Take the silver polish with thin pencil, draw a vertical line in the middle of your nail, then four parallel V-shapes as you can see in the picture.
3. On the tip of your nail, in the first V, you will add black nail polish then apply glitter over it.
4. Fill in the second V with the turquoise polish and leave the third V the way it is, colored in white.
5. Fill in the last V with silver nail polish and again, add glitter over it.
6. In the end contour the pattern with black polish for more contrast and you are done with your chevron nails!

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Photo courtesy: nailuminium.

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