Special Design by Julian Hakes: The Mojito Shoes

Special Design by Julian Hakes The Mojito Shoes

The contemporary fashion universe includes thousand of wonderful, stylish and even unusual shoes’ types. But here we have a model that will force you to say “WOW!”. Designed by Julian Hakes, a London architect, this shoe named Mojito consist of a unique piece of wrapped around the foot of the wearer, supporting the heel and ball with no footplate in-between.

The idea for this unique shoe design started when the creator was trying to figure out what parts of the shoe are needed to support and protect the foot. ”The Julian Hakes Mojito is a tastefully sculptural curve mixed into a blend of simple creativity combining bright contrast leather lining that features a high heel and peep toe to make this a very comfortable and elegant shoe.” The shoes are made of carbon fibre. Enjoy!

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