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Women makeup car 1 Cars and women often fall into completely different categories; with some failing to see the connection between those two. However, Renault- a famous French automobile manufacturer- collaborated with UK singer Nicola Roberts to create this car for women that is beyond your imagination.

The New Renault Twingo was marketed in a completely unusual way; with Renault bringing in a musician, a chef, a fashion designer and a product designer to give their take on the Twingo’s. Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, an English-Irish pop group that reigns over the UK music chart, came up with her own Twingo Goes Pop.

The car features a recording studio, a coffee machine (apparently Roberts is a huge fan of coffee!), clothes, personalised portable music player, hair dryer and a makeup counter in the front (as expected of girls).

Roberts was asked to create her own world in a car and she successfully did it; combining music, fashion, and coffee altogether. Twingo Goes Pop’s interior is dominated with the color white, a bit of gold and pink as well. The car even featured a sparkly, golden hair dryer and the sunshade is heavily accessorized with earrings and necklaces. The headrest is embossed with black, bold font spelling her name.

It’s hard to imagine, really, just how a car that small can fit so many things! But Roberts did it, and she did so fantastically. It’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that she actually had a recording studio with all its intricate buttons and display, but Roberts was determined to include her love for music in her specialized car. When interviewed she said, “In my New Twingo Cabinet of Curiosities, as in my latest album, I have strived to blend my dreams and emotions with my personal, very defined vision of reality.”

Roberts’ inspiring creation is a living proof that cars and women can indeed complete one another. Kudos to Renault and Nicola Roberts!

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