Special and Elegant Braided Hairstyle

This is one of the many hairstyles you can do by yourself and will really make you look like you have just got out from the hair salon. Looks so complicated that no one would believe that your own gorgeous hands had the power to do this. It looks so romantic and delicate like every wind can ruin the hairstyle, but, in fact your hair has a solid base. Except some bobby pins, hair elastics and hairspray you won’t need anything else. If you feel daring you can put some flowers in it too.

Special and Elegant Braided Hairstyle

Directions: Brush your clean hair and split it into three sections, one in the middle where you will make the braid and 2 side ones. Make the braid from the middle hair and secure it with a hair elastic. Now, loosen the braid and hide the hair elastic under it with a bobby pin. Start taking small hair strands from both sides of the head and insert them through the loops of the braid. Here you can become creative and use as many bobby pins you need the get the desired result. Finish with some hairspray and the look is ready!

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