Special and Colorful Nail Art Using a Needle – DIY


If you like to have special nails and you like small challenges you can try out this nail art tutorial. It looks complicated at first sight but it is easier than you would ever think it is. It is perfect for people with an electric personality, it goes great for summer of for party nights.

What you will need:

– white nail polish;
– pink nail polish;
– blue nail polish;
– green nail polish;
– orange nail polish;
– a needle.



1. Apply a base of white nail polish on all of your nails and let it dry then you will start working on each nail individually.

2. Apply the other polishes diagonally on the nail by creating something that looks like a rainbow. You can really change the colors if you don’t like the combinations used here.

3.Take the needle and start making lines starting from the color that it is at the base of the nail, in this case the blue one. Make three of four lines, depending on how crowded you want the nail to look.

4. Repeat this for every nail, until you have finished all of them, let them dry well and your manicure is ready. Don’t forget you have to apply the polishes one by one on each nail, don’t apply on all, then use the needle because until you reach the last one the polish will dry!

Photo courtesy: thecraftyninja.

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