On-Trend Spa Treatments To Beat Stress Fast

Spa visits in America are on the rise with total visits increasing by five million in just two years. This growth is unsurprising seeing as Americans have been voted the most stressed nation in the world. For the millions of stressed individuals, spa treatments provide a sense of calm, tranquility, and happiness. But which of the latest beauty treatments available at spas offer the best stress-busting benefits?

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Japanese Head Spa

Japanese head spas are all the rage in Japan, but over the last few years they have popped up in certain areas of America, including LA and New York. The treatment focuses solely on the scalp and aims to detox it and promote hair growth. Stress is a common trigger for hair loss, such as the condition telogen effluvium. Multiple studies show that a Japanese head spa treatment can help to prevent such hair loss. As hair loss typically leads individuals to experience even greater stress as they worry about how much they will lose, a Japanese head spa even has the power to prevent this stress from occurring.

A Massage With A Twist

Massages have been a popular stress-busting spa treatment for decades due to studies revealing that weekly chair massages lower stress levels better than simply sitting and relaxing. However, massages in 2019 are being done with gemstones. Gemstone massage tools are used to soothe and heal the body and to eliminate stress and worry.

Gemstones are particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing high levels of stress as stones such as amethyst, celestite, lepidolite, and fluorite bring a sense of calm and help people to find their inner peace. The people at Viva Med Spa choose to use warm basalt river stones in their treatments as they ‘unravel tension in the body for a deeply relaxing experience.’

Heated Treatments Are Back

Spa treatments often utilize heat, but it’s very much the ‘in thing’ this year. Heat is used in various ways in spas and treatment choices typically include time in a sauna, a deep heat facial, and a Turkish massage. Heat releases tension in the muscles and also encourage endorphins to flow around the body. As endorphins are nicknamed ‘the happy chemicals’ they have the power to bring stress levels tumbling down.

Spa treatments are a great way to relax and unwind. With so many people experiencing high levels of stress, it’s well worth spending an hour or two utilizing the latest spa treatments to reduce stress levels and improve overall wellness.

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