6 Solutions to Warm Up a Cold Room

Temperature variations in a home can be incredibly frustrating. In one room it can feel like a tropical paradise, and in the next room feel akin to the North Pole. This can be incredibly frustrating to deal with and can reduce your usage and enjoyment of certain rooms.

Especially depending on the climate that you live in, colder rooms can the bane of homeowner existence. Not only is constantly adjusting your heat settings annoying, but it can also increase your utility bills, while not making much of an impact on the overall warmth in your desired room.

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Don’t allow heating problems to detrimental affect your enjoyment of your home. If you are struggling with heating concerns, and it always seems to be that one room that just will not warm up, never fear! Here are some great solutions that can help you stay toasty warm in any room of the house.

1. Proper Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning

Many people neglect their furnace filters, or just altogether don’t realize that the filters need to be changed routinely, with appropriately sized replacement filters. You can read this to understand the appropriate sizing for your furnace filters and ensure you replace them regularly to keep your furnace functioning appropriately. If you have forced air central heating, one of the best ways to ensure even and efficient heating in your home is to ensure proper maintenance.

Not only will it improve the efficiency of your heating, but it will also improve your energy use and help to reduce the overall heating costs you pay every month.

2. Duct and furnace cleaning

Along with replacing your furnace filters, annual duct cleaning is an intrinsic part of proper furnace maintenance, which will assist in heating your home thoroughly and efficiently.

Duct cleaning will also enhance air quality and can help filters last longer before needing replacement. Cleaning out the dust, dirt and any blockages from your furnace will assist with the efficient heating of your home.

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3. Carpeting and Underlay or in Floor Heating

Proper flooring can help maintain the heat of a home, as well as create a cozy space for warmth. With multiple options available, people will often go for a lower cost carpet and underlay. While this may save the pocketbook in advance, in the long run, it can mean more expenses. Low-grade carpet and underlay will deteriorate faster, and will also allow the room to lose heat faster. Just as insulation is important, so is flooring.

A great way to keep the floors warm in certain rooms is to have floor heating installed. This generally consists of hot water being circulated through pipes that are installed underneath the floorboards. This can be a great way to keep problem areas toasty and warm.

4. Window Efficiency and Possible Replacement

Windows are a huge consideration when it comes to heating and maintaining heat in the home. If your windows have a poor insulation grade, they can let the heat escape as quickly as it can be generated. Ensuring there is a proper seal around the windows can also help keep heat in, and keep the cold out.

If you find that your room is often cold and drafty, have the windows inspected and/or replaced to ensure maximum heating efficiency.

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5. Drapes and Window Coverings

Even with the best windows, when it is extremely cold these can be problem areas for houses and lead to colder rooms. Having appropriate window treatments for the rooms in question can give an added layer of insulation and small leaks that could be allowing the cold to enter. Longer and fuller drapes covering the windows can aid in keeping problem rooms warm and inviting.

6. Space heaters

If all else fails and you have a room that simply does not reach the level of warmth required, you can install a baseboard or portable space heater. These come in a range of prices with a multitude of options and can be a great addition that helps ensure your room is heated to your desired temperature.

Some space heaters can also come with cooling options, so they can be a great accessory to have year-round. The main tip to heating your room will be ensuring proper furnace maintenance and filter replacement. By taking small steps to make sure your heating system is functioning properly, you can optimize the usage of what you already have.

From servicing your furnace to fully replacing your windows, there are many steps you can take to heat a cold room and ensure comfort in all areas of your home. Don’t leave yourself and your family out in the cold. Research the available options you have that can fit your price range and desires, and create a warm, inviting living space to transform your home.

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