Soft Fabric Slippers – DIY

Soft Fabric Slippers - DIY

Pamper your feet with these comfortable soft slippers you can easily make by yourself. These are great also to be offered as gifts, everyone will enjoy them, especially because you have put heart into making them.

You will need:
– fabric that feels comfortable, pleasant and stretches (like fleece);
– pattern that is adjusted to your foot length;
– satin ribbons or something for decoration to enhance the look of the slippers;
– buttons and other embellishments as you wish;
– scissors;
– sewing machine.

Create the pattern for your feet by drawing it with the help of a paper and pencil, put your foot on the paper and take the pencil all around to create the shape of it. Draw the other model like you can see in the picture and be careful so it is the same length as your foot. Start cutting out the patterns from the paper, attach them to the fabric and cut out the pieces you will be sewing. For the pattern from the right side you will need double fabric as you can see in the pictures. You need two from each one, preferable different colors, one for exterior and one for interior. Start sewing the upper side to the lower side for both colors then put them one into another. Sew the ribbon and embellishments to the slippers as you desire and you are finished with this beautiful and comfortable diy slippers project.

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