Smart Eyelash Curler Trick for Busy Women

We all know those days when we have to wake up in mornings and we are in a rush to work, sometimes we don’t even have time to properly do our makeup. If you use the eyelash curler we will tell you a trick that will help you save time and be less stressful with getting ready and you will enjoy this trick even more if you are not great with using pencil liners or any kind of liners on your eyes. What it is about? For this you will need an eye pencil and an eyelash curler.

Smart Eyelash Curler Trick for Busy Women

Take the pencil and draw a line on the inner part of the curler, be sure to have enough product on it. Then, just simply press the curler against your lashes, harder than usually but don’t overdo it.

The product will transfer to the top of your lashes and the only thing you will have to do next is to smudge it a little bit with a brush then apply mascara and the makeup for your eyes is ready.

This tip is worth trying and you might fall in love with it after you will try it for the first time! See also the video below to find the procedure!

Photo courtesy: makeupartistguide.

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