There are not many makeups that are easy to create but still look like complicated to make and sophisticated, so this tutorial will be loved by all beginners out there in the art of makeup because it’s one that doesn’t require advanced skills and it still looks like it was done by someone with them. Save this in your gallery and use it when you need it! You will be guided step by step in this process and the results will be as expected, amazing!

What you will need:
– eyeshadow primer;
– black eye pencil;
– brown eyeshadow;
– brown eye pencil;
– light blue eyeshadow;
– mascara;
– different makeup brushes.

1. Prepare your eyelids for the eyeshadow by applying some primer on them.
2. Continue with making sort of a semi circle on your lid as you can see in the pictures (it has to look like a mirror reflection of the upper lash line).
3. Take a blending brush with some brown eyeshadow on it and blend the color together with the black.
4. Line your upper lash line and lower lash line with the black eye pencil (make a cat eye), then apply the light blue eyeshadow on both of your lids (this will create a beautiful contrast with every eye color).
5. Add another line of brown on the lower lash line and also waterline your eyes with the brown pencil.
6. Finish the look with mascara or fake eyelashes!

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Photo courtesy: thebeautydepartment.

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