Are You a Shopaholic? Find Out Your Type of Shopping Addiction

”Shopping is one of the greatest ways to spend time… and money!” would say a lot of women from this planet! Why? Because it makes you relax just by imagining how elegant and sophisticated would you look in those shoes, because no matter how many clothes you have in the closet, there always will be a dress that doesn’t match with any of your shoes or accessories, and just because you deserve it!

What is the difference between a ordinary spender and a shopaholic? A real shopaholic will never limit the shoppings to one thing, because one purchase will lead to another.

Types of shopping addicts:

The online enthusiast: In this group you will mostly find young people, that have discovered the advantages of online shopping. The good part is that you can get the things you want without the necessity of leaving your home. Be attentive, because you will not really think about the quantity until the goods will arrive at your door.

The groupon addict: The Groupon apps and websites are a great place to find discounts, as high as 80 %, and we know, it’s “hard” to pass by such a bargain and don’t want to miss it. If you are a smart shopping addict you will know which bargains are good and which not to use at all.

The one that cuts coupons all the time : Coupons can be found everywhere, and the real coupon addicts will find even a 20 % discount a good deal. Think twice before purchasing a thing, because you may end with an empty wallet and with a lot of unnecessary things.

The big spender: That’s the classic type of shopping addicts, they buy everything they are interested in, and just like others shopaholics spend a lot of money on goods they don’t even need that much. If you find yourself in this description, think about all the things that you already have and are waiting to be used.

The impulsive full-price buyer: in this category you will not find people that are tempted by discounts. They buy everything they want, at full-price. They will purchase a thing just because it’s from a famous brand. Be careful that this action can damage your style and isn’t what you really want, right? Buy articles from famous brands, but appropriate to your own style!

Are You a Shopaholic Find Out Your Type of Shopping Addiction

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