Makeup You Can Do With Any Color

This type of makeup is a combination between more styles, like the cut crease makeup style and the smokey eyes. Besides this awesome duo, the colors used are perfect together, as white, black and purple are a very sophisticated and elegant trio combination. Of course, depending on the tastes the trio of colors can be changed, so instead of purple you can add orange, gold or pink, and just keep the making techniques the same. For any type of special occasion, night events, parties and cocktail evenings consider making this type of makeup and stay with us to find out the steps.

Seductive Makeup You Can Do With Any Color

What you will need: eyeshadow primer; white, black and purple eyeshadows; several makeup brushes; black liquid eyeliner; mascara.

1. Prepare the face and make your usual foundation routine.
2. Take the eyeshadow primer and apply it to the lids so the colors last and stay more there.
3. Start with the black eyeshadow and make something that looks like a half smokey eye insisting on the creases.
4. Apply white eyeshadow on the other half, then apply purple over the crease.
5. With a blending brush, blend all the color together then add more white on the inner corners of the eyes.
6. Add black liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line and finish with mascara!

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