Secret Tips for Creating Bigger Eyes

Makeup changed the way beauty is perceived nowadays. You can make a thinner nose from a wide one, a longer face from a round one, basically change some aspects you don’t like about yourself. And you can create and fake bigger eyes from smaller ones with a few tips and tricks. First thing we do when meeting someone is make eye contact so you want to make them as appealing as possible. Eyes are very important in makeup and no wonder why people say that they are the windows to the soul

How to create bigger eyes:
1. Fake a higher crease by applying a light taupe shade above the area where your natural crease is. This is an awesome way and a shortcut in faking bigger eyes. For a more natural look apply a vanilla shade under your brows and blend the colors together.

Secret Tips for Creating Bigger Eyes
2. Choose blue eyeliners because blue makes the white part of your eyes pop out more, actually looking like they are lighter, brighter and more open.
3. Use mascara that is giving volume to your lashes. Apply several layers of mascara to create that lengthening effect on them, but be careful not to overdo them, you don’t want spider eyes.

Secret Tips for Creating Bigger Eyes (2)
4. If you are not very gifted with long lashes and the mascara doesn’t do it’s job, apply some false lashes and make your eyes look bigger. Don’t forget to apply some black liquid liner over the base of the lashes making them more defined.

Secret Tips for Creating Bigger Eyes (3)
5. Line the lower inside part of your eyes with a white or silver eyeliner. It opens them and make them look more alive.

Secret Tips for Creating Bigger Eyes (4)
6. Applying dark shades on the lower lash line can create contrast with the white part of your eyes and make them look colossally bigger.

Secret Tips for Creating Bigger Eyes (7)

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