Save Your Back – The Right Posture for Desk Workers

Our lives revolve around the internet and our work around the computer! We spend most of our waking hours perched in front of a laptop or a computer and although life has become easier, our extended hours sitting in the wrong position can have disastrous impacts on our spine and overall health. Here are some ways and tips to help beat that built up stress from sitting too long!

1. Sit as close to the desk as you possibly can! Your back must be constantly supported.

2. Make sure that the screen is directly in your line of sight as you sit upright in front of your computer.

3. Your upper arms need to be completely parallel to your spine with your elbows bent at a perpendicular angle

4. Your feet should be resting on the ground. If that is not possible, make use of a footstool.

5. Change your office chair from a conventional boring one, and alternate it with an exercise ball. This will give your muscles a workout and also be enjoyable!

6. Or carrying forward from the above point, you can also use a kneeling chair that supports your knees as you sit in a slightly bent fashion.

7. Ensure that you get up and walk around every 30-60 minutes. Set an alarm if that helps!

8. Try investing in a standing station, so that you avoid sitting for long periods of time

And of course, you absolutely must supplement all the above tips with lots of fun-filled active sports when you are away from your desk!

Save Your Back - The Right Posture for Desk Workers


Save Your Back - The Right Posture for Desk Workers (6)

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