Why A Safety Razor Should Be Your Next High-Tech Shaving Tool

If you’re going to level up your shaving game, you need to simplify your tools. Those fancy, electric razors won’t cut it. Today’s electric razors are built with advanced technology, but they won’t give you a close shave. Neither will disposable and cartridge razors. Some electric razors can be charged via USB, but if a razor doesn’t give you a close shave, it’s not really advanced.

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Other than a straight razor, there’s only one kind of razor that will give you a close shave: a safety razor. If you’re already using one, that’s fantastic news for your face. If not, here’s why a safety razor is the advanced technology you’ve been waiting for:

1. Safety razors are high tech hidden in plain sight

Sometimes the simplest technology is the best. Electric razor technology is complex, and few people can repair their own shavers. Safety razors are so simple, you’ll never need to send them in for repair, yet they provide a closer, more comfortable shave.

Safety razors are the best kept secret hidden in plain sight. There’s only one blade, and it’s sharp enough to give you a close shave with just a few passes. With multi-blade cartridge razors, you’ll end up scraping your face far more times than you would with a safety razor. The same happens if you try to shave your legs  or other body parts.

Not only are cartridge blades dull and require using five or more passes in the same spot from multiple angles, but each pass is actually multiple passes due to the additional blades. For example, a 5-blade razor scrapes your face 5 times with one pass. After ten passes, that’s 50 scrapes. Ten passes with a safety razor is only ten scrapes. And because the blade is sharp and requires almost no pressure, you’re not scraping your face as hard.

2. Safety razors are shiny, heavy, and look manly

Those thin little plastic disposable razors don’t look good in your bathroom. Aside from causing ingrown hairs, irritated skin, and nicks, disposable razors are ugly. By switching to a safety razor, you’re simultaneously upgrading your bathroom décor.

Safety razors come in various designs, including jet metallic black and traditional silver. They look cool on your bathroom sink resting in a stand next to a scuttle, a brush, and a puck of shaving soap.

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3. Moisturizing strips on disposable razors are a toxic gimmick

There’s no way around it. Using a disposable razor is going to dry out your skin. You have to scrape the blade across your face numerous times to get a sufficient shave. That little moisturizing strip at the end of the blade isn’t going to magically moisturize your face while you shave. It’s also full of toxic chemicals, including known and suspected carcinogens like polyethylene glycol and BHT.

Hot water opens up your pores, making it easy for bacteria and other substances to enter your bloodstream. You don’t want the chemicals in moisturizing strips entering your bloodstream.

Using a disposable razor dries out your skin and exposes your face to bacteria. Each time you scrape a razor across your face, you’re collecting bacteria and re-depositing it as you continue to shave.

Ever notice you still get razor bumps after shaving with a razor that has a moisturizing strip? Moisturizing doesn’t prevent razor bumps. The design of the razor is flawed. Multiple blades rip the hair out of your face and that’s what causes bumps. If you want to moisturize your face, you need to do it after your shave (and after your pores have closed).

4. You won’t get razor burn with a safety razor

Razor burn comes mostly from making multiple passes across your face with a dull razor. Switch to a sharp safety razor that requires little pressure and will give you a close shave with only a few passes.

5. Safety razors are cheaper than cartridge razors long-term

Shell out $30 for a decent safety razor and you’ll be set for life. As long as you keep your razor in good condition, it should last for multiple generations. Replacement blades cost anywhere from a quarter to fifty cents each. A blade will last approximately eight shaves.

There’s no reason not to switch. The technology of a safety razor has and always will exceed the so-called advanced cartridge and disposable razors. When it comes to shaving, there is no technology greater than a single, high-quality, sharp blade.

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