Rose Nail Design – DIY Tutorial

From all the tutorials you have seen about how to make roses on nails probably this is one of the easiest ones. Why we say that? Because all you have to do is to have some thin brushes and a few nail polish colors and then with your own hands you can easily make the flowers that will fill your nails. Roses look cute when they are small on nails, but they can be barely seen. When you make them bigger they can be seen as roses and you will love the effect of them!

Rose Nail Design - DIY Tutorial

What you will need:
– white nail polish for the base;
– pink, purple, blue and green polish for the flowers;
– thin brushes for nail art so you can make the flowers;
– some acetone to clean the brush if you switch colors.

1. Prepare your nails by painting them in white and let the polish dry very well.
2. You want to make 3 roses on each nail that will fill the entire space so you want to start by making 3 small dots on different corners all with a different nail polish.
3. Now, start to make each flower individually and start making semi circles around the dot as you can see in the picture.
4. Do this around all dots until the roses get big and they fill the nail.
5. Use the green nail polish to make some leaves on the small empty spaces between the flowers and the design is complete! Don’t forget to let them dry very well before doing anything!

Photo courtesy: blacknaildesigns.

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