Romantic Low Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

How many times you have been in a rush to go out somewhere and you didn’t know if you have enough time to arrange your hair, but still wanted something that looks like you just got out from the hands of a hair stylist? With our busy lives, jobs, families, sometimes children, many times it is hard to fit in the schedule some special “beauty moments”. If you love beautiful hair and you like making yourself pretty, we have for you a fast and romantic looking low bun hairstyle tutorial you can try to make by yourself before you go to a meeting, before a date, you pick the occasion!

Romantic Low Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

What you will need:
– hair elastics;
– bobby pins;
– curling iron;
– hairspray.

1. Plug the curling iron in and wait for it to reach the right heat.
2. Meanwhile, you brush your hair and gather it in a low ponytail by leaving a few hair strands out on both left and right sides.
3. Make a bun out of the ponytail, you want it to look nice and puffy, so you can use either a doughnut, a sock or if your hair is already naturally thick, just a hair elastic, to make it look that way.
4. Now, take the curling iron and start curling all your hair left on both sides.
5. Take some bobby pins and clip a few hair strands in the back of your head and over your bun, as you can see in picture 7 then finish with some hairspray. Your curls will look cute and romantic and will be ready in no time as you won’t need more than 10 minutes to finish this look!
6. Put on the right accessories and you are ready!

Source: alifetimeofrain.

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