Right Way to Line the Lower Lash Line

It is very common to line the upper lash line, it is a must do for most of makeup looks, while the lower lash line gets sort of forgotten. It is also true you have to have big eyes so a dark lower lash line would look good on you together with a cat eye or something similar. When you line your lower lash line you can make many beauty mistakes, one of them is having panda eyes that look very weird. How to avoid that? Simply following this tutorial and advices.

What you will need:
– soft eye pencil (waterproof is best);
– ear-picks;

Directions: First you have to take an ear pick and run it through the lash line, this will make the product from the eye pencil to stick to it better. Take the pencil and start from the middle of the eyes lash line and go through to the outer corner. Do the same starting from the middle and go to the inner corner. Make other few different lines along the lash line then with another ear pick clean out the mess that might have smudged and you are done.

Things to consider:
– when you line the lower lash line, you must line the upper lash line too, otherwise you will look old;
– a light colored pencil liner will make your eyes pop up more and look bigger, the darker you go the smaller your eyes will look;
– always add mascara for a more glamorous look, without mascara you will look cheap.

Right Way to Line the Lower Lash Line Photo courtesy: ayasorayyaa.

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