Retractable Bed Perfect for Small Interiors

Retractable Bed Perfect for Small Interiors (2)

Lack of space is a common problem among millennials. As houses and apartments are getting more and more expensive, younger people turn to space-saving furniture such as retractable beds, folding tables, fold-down desks, compact wardrobes, and storage benches. And it’s not hard to see why! Transformable furniture is convenient, simple, and they’re easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, since they use less material to make, they are often cheaper than bulky, old-style furniture.

While there is plenty of convertible furniture, beds are often overlooked because it seems like an impossible task to save so much space. But that is exactly why you need this retractable bed. Designer Funn Roberts knows the struggle of those who aren’t exactly privileged with plenty of space on their residence. He designed this ultimate space-saving retractable bed for actor Vincent Kartheiser, but the idea is free for everyone to put into work.

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The retractable bed is not your usual folded sofa bed – in fact, that’s what makes it superior compared to the common transformable beds out there. When retracted, you can use the space where the bed was for anything, such a foldable coffee table for hosting guests or simply a bean bag so that you can sit down and read a book. Interestingly, you can notice that when retracted, the wooden headboard doesn’t come up along with the bed. Instead, it stays on the wall and when opened, serves as a folding table.

To sustain the retractable bed, firm wires and frame are needed. Perhaps, this is the only reason why we don’t see these beds often. Faulty support can cause serious damage, so this is one thing you need to think about before deciding you want a retractable bed. However, if you have decided on getting one, maybe you would also need to install a thick curtain around the bed which can serve as a partition for when you have guests coming over and you don’t have enough time to retract the bed.

Retractable Bed Perfect for Small Interiors
Retractable Bed Perfect for Small Interiors (3)

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