Refurbish Suede and Leather Boots – DIY

Refurbish Suede and Leather Boots - DIY

A cheap and easy way of refurbishing your ruined expensive pair of leather or suede shoes.
First, if you want to preserve a leather pair of shoes, you should probably buy a product that is called Leather Food, it’s a cheap product and it will last at least a few winters. You should first clean your shoes and after that use a dry cloth for applying the leather food. The product is got a soft wax consistency, and it will improve your shoes looks immediately.

Second, if we are talking about suede shoes, it is almost impossible to keep clean this texture. This is actually the reason why we strongly advise you to at least buy a dark color suede shoe. To clean salt and dirt off of this shoes, make a mixture of vinegar and warm water, dip a clean towel into the mixture and clean the shoes with it. If there are particles that you can’t get rid off, wait for the material to dry and brush them off.

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