Pristine Fashion by Liu Jo

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Think of a placid pool of dazzling blue water, surrounding by a plethora of flowers and a stunning beauty like Kate Moss in the midst of it all! This setting has been chosen by the Italian fashion house, Liu Jo, and this has been the inspiration behind crafting outfits that invoke charm, serenity and elegance!

The photoshoot by the celebrated photographer Solve Sundsbo, does justice to all the elements of beauty in each picture. Liu Jo’s outfits comprise dresses, pants, and blouses and also blazers, cardigans and shrugs in a variety of enigmatic colours, which are offset and complemented with colour contrasting accessories. The stark paleness of the background helps to bring focus to the clothing. Pastels, solids, neons and floral prints are the mainstay of this collection.

Sheer and soft, fluid fabrics have been carefully chosen to achieve a relaxed yet sophisticated look that is combined with gorgeous shoes to complete the entire effect!

Kate Moss looks her beautiful best and makes each outfit stand out with her confident and immaculate carriage.

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