Refashion Old Black Skirt with Gems – DIY

We all have at least one black skirt in our closets that just sits around not being used in any way. If you bought it then you forgot about it or it just turned to be too old to be worn again, refashion it with some gems. It is simple, easy, and you will have a new fashion item you can wear especially at parties.

Refashion Old Black Skirt with Gems - DIY

What you will need:
– black skirt;
– plastic gems (in different sizes and colors);
– fabric glue.

1. Wash and dry the skirt before starting to refashion it, you want it clean and dry.
2. Take the skirt and choose the gems you want to stick to it, then glue them to the skirt.
3. In this tutorial, the skirt has an interesting pattern on it with 3 different gems stuck together on different parts of the fabric. If you are more creative than that you can make different patterns and also flowers from the gems, it is up to you.
4. You can rock with this beautiful skirt at the next party you will be attending. Was it hard to make?

Refashion Old Black Skirt with Gems - DIY

Photo courtesy: highondiy.

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