Reasons You Have Chapped Lips You May Have Never Think Of

It’s safe to assume that chapped lips is never a good thing for anyone. But do you know, there are hidden reasons you have chapped lips? You may have known that dehydration, being exposed to the sun for a long time, strong wind (especially common when it’s winter), or even allergic reaction can lead to chapped lips. The first treatment we think of? Lip balm, obviously. Chapped lips, after all, can be quite painful and uncomfortable. And let’s not get to how ugly it looks!

But again, there are several reasons you have chapped lips you rarely hear about. In fact, they can be quite surprising! Read them below and see whether you can do something to improve the condition (of your lips!)

1. Using lip balm excessively

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Gasp! We understand that everywhere, all around the world, the only acceptable way to cure chapped lips would be to apply lip balm. And it works, 99% of the time. But, fun fact: some lip balms include certain humectants that actually pull moisture out of your lips in their ingredients. What a shock! The solution? Go for brands that use all-natural ingredients; they can keep your lips moisturized for a longer time.

2. Using the wrong lip balm

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Two things you need to jot down on your don’t-buy list: (1) flavored lip balms and (2) menthol lip balms. The reason? They do nothing to help your lips; especially the menthol lip balm. Sure, the minty sensation feels good for a while; but your lips aren’t getting better. Sorry.

3. Using the wrong toothpaste
Some toothpaste brands use what’s commonly known as SLS – or sodium laurel sulfate. The foaming ingredient can lead to chapped lips; so it’s time to check your toothpaste’s ingredients!

4. Wearing lipstick
Wearing lipstick for a long time can damage your lips. This includes matte lipstick and liquid lipstick. The solution? You can either apply lip balm before applying lipstick, using tinted balm instead of lipstick, or do a complete after-care (removing your lipstick entirely at the end of the day and use an ultra-moisturizing lip balm at night.


5. Using lip plumpers
We know Kylie Jenner’s lips are the ultimate #lipgoals; but using lip plumper isn’t the best way to have them. One reason why, they may contain irritants that can dry your lips. However, if you insist on using them, make sure you drink lots of water!


6. The air around you is too dry/hot
During winter, you may have the urge to crank up the heater. But beware! This can dry up the air around you and this means your lips (and your skin) would also get dry. Try to turn it down overnight, or invest in a humidifier. Pro tip: try to shower with less-hot water; or limit your super-hot showers.

7. Not drinking enough water
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We can’t emphasize this enough! Take at least 6-8 cups of water a day to stay hydrated and stay away from chapped lips.

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8. Eating spicy foods
If you love spicy foods, we have a bad news. Spices can break down your skin barrier, which makes it dry out faster; and your lips too. The solution? Again, stay hydrated.

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9. Licking your lips

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Often when we don’t have our lip balms around, the quick fix to chapped lips is our ‘natural’ balm; saliva. But it’s time to quit the habit. One, since it can leave foul odor and two, it just dries out your lips faster.

10. Not putting on SPF on your lips

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In fact, yes we do need to put some kind of protection against the sun on our lips. Just like our skin can get dry after being sun burnt, our lips too, can get flaky after being exposed to the sun for a long time. There are plenty of lip balms with SPF that you can buy; plus some are water-resistant, so you can take them to the beach!

11. Exfoliating your lips too often

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Scrubbing your lips can get rid of the dead skin pretty effectively, but doing it too often isn’t recommended. Try to do it not more than once a week.

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