Reasons Why You Should Start Shaping Eyebrows With Thread

How to shape your eyebrows with threading method

Shaping eyebrows can be quite tricky especially when you want to leave them as thick as possible, sometimes it just happens to pick more of what you actually should have and sometimes it happens that small hairs that you can barely see, remain there. Besides all kinds of methods of eyebrows grooming, there is the thread method which involves using just some thread and playing with it along the area you need your hair to be picked. It is a quite useful method and you will find out why we say that.

1. What is threading method?
It is a method that involves using thread to remove unwanted hair from the areas of the body and in this case from the eyebrows. Usually, you take the thread between your fingers and twist it then play with it to remove the hair. You can watch the video to see how you have to hold teh thread.

2. Can you use it on other parts of the body?
Of course, it is awesome to be used on small areas where you need a quick fix, but usually it can get very painful, so for other body parts we recommend choosing some other solutions.

3. Does the hair grow back?
Of course and basically it is almost like waxing as this method pulls out the hair right from the follicles.

4. How painful it is?
It is less painful than using the tweezers and it is faster and once you get better and better at it, the faster and less painful it will be.

5. What is the difference between plucking and threading?
Basically, they both do the same thing which is pluck the hair, but threading is considered more precise and gentle.

6. How does the skin feel after?
It might get some red bumps, but they will go away, nothing specific other than some pain associated with the plucking.

7. How fast does the hair grow back?
This depends on your body, some people do it twice a month some once a month, so it depends on you.

8. Are scissors still necessary?
Yes, of course, for the ones who also need a small trim, you can use scissors without problems.

All in all, threading is an awesome method that once you learn how to do, will not want to go back to tweezers!

Photo courtesy: spagirlsclub.

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