Reasons to Steer Clear of Tattoos

Whether it’s a spur of the moment, or something you’ve been planning over the years, you must have agreed that at least once, at one point in our life, we have the urge to get a tattoo. Though many, after serious considerations decide not to get one done, some others do. Some may be hesitant considering the pain they have to go through during the process; but there are a few more reasons you need to seriously ponder on before deciding whether you’ll get or not a tattoo:

1. Not a big deal anymore
Being tattooed used to get a myriad of reactions from people. Some abhorred it, some found it beautiful, some were inspired, some respected you and so on. But ever since its heavy commercialization, every other person you know has tattoo. So you don’t stand out anymore if you have got one!

2. Possibility of regrets
Tattoos are permanent, your personality is not! What you like when you are young may repulse you as you grow older. Also, sometimes the tattoo artist or you yourself may make mistakes, especially if the tattoo contains writing.

3. It’s permanent
You may be rolling your eyes when reading this. Why, you may have thought, you are stating the obvious. Well, there’s no harm in contemplating this fact before deciding that you want to have a tattoo. Inking your significant other’s name on visible parts of the body sounds like a romantic move that will sweep them off their feet; but think ahead! If the relationship doesn’t work out, you are left with a permanent sign on your body!

4. It’s unhealthy
In some serious cases, inking may lead to flesh damages or infection so severe, the tattooed body part has to be amputated. Now, you may feel that won’t happen to you; but then again, there are more visible health risks. Tattooing equipments that are unsterile can transmit some infectious diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, or hepatitis. For the same reason, if you regularly donate blood, you won’t be able to do so at least for a year. This is done to prevent transmission of serious diseases through blood. Allergic reactions are also found in some cases; causing the tattooed area to swell and turn red. You can never be sure what your body can and can’t take; so just play it safe.

5. Removing doesn’t solve the problem
But I can always remove it, you may argue. This may be true, to a certain extent. But remember, tattoo removal isn’t as simple as erasing pencil’s mark on a paper. One, it’s going to cost you a lot, and two, it’s incredibly painful. The larger your tattoo is the longer and more repetitive the process has to take. Methods include burning off the skin layer with the tattoo with acid, surgical removal etc.. In the end, you’ll be left with a visible scar.

6. Keloid
If keloid runs in your family, stay away from tattoos. Tattooing may form keloid on your body and certainly, it doesn’t look good.

7. It’s no longer cool
Having a huge tattoo on your neck, shoulder, or back doesn’t make you cool and intimidating. Basically, since everyone has them, tattoos are no longer head-turning. The trend nowadays seems to be a simple, minimalistic tattoo done on your wrist or neck; but then again, it doesn’t come without a price.

8. Public’s perspective
Getting a job or even a date can be twice challenging when you’re inked. Army and police departments in several countries don’t accept applicants that have tattoos. In South Korea, people with tattoos over 7cm long will fail the physical test. On top of it, public’s stigma is hard to get rid of, so be prepared to be judged by your tattoo.

9. It costs a lot
Getting a good-quality tattoo means you have to be ready to spend even thousands of dollars in a well-known tattoo parlor. You can always get the cheaper ones, but are you sure of the final outcome?

Tattoos make for great body art and are a beautiful method of permanent creative expression. But before you head to that parlour, make sure that you have considered all the above points!

Reasons to Steer Clear of Tattoos

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  1. While tattoo makes you feel great some where, in another place you might just be the very suspect.

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