Reasons For NOT Wearing Makeup

Wearing makeup has so many positive and beneficial reasons that sometimes we forget about the ones that aren’t so good. Besides looking good and confident, makeup protects natural skin from dirt and pollution. Sounds strange but it is true and a lot of girls who tried going outside without makeup in very polluted cities started having pimples and acne. The picture shows a reality about lots of women, but even so, there are a few reasons why not to wear makeup all the time. Find out about them below!

Reasons For NOT Wearing Makeup

Reasons for NOT wearing makeup:

1.Can’t rinse face so often – in summer, in the sun, because of the heat the skin needs to breathe more and with makeup it can’t. Not to mention that sometimes when it is too hot outside we would love to rinse the face with fresh cold water, so wearing makeup can stop us.

2. Stops us from crying – sometimes it is good to release the emotions of pain and sadness, if you have makeup on you can block this and can’t release something that would make you feel better.

3. Boyfriends can’t kiss us so often – men love to see us with makeup and for sure they hate having it on their t-shirts and shirts and in their mouth. Not wearing any lipstick can be cute sometimes and more natural for them as they see the raw you.

4. Can’t swim with makeup – when you want to go to the pool or you are lucky to live next to the ocean a good swim is necessary sometimes. Wearing makeup makes you stress and think that if you go into the water it will come off.

5. Can’t let your skin heal – if you have bad acne and pimples, wearing a lot of makeup and on a daily basis can easily stop the healing of the skin that needs to breathe and absorb oxygen.

6. You wear bad chemicals that affect skin – some of the products you find out there on the market are full of chemicals and bad ingredients for your skin and make you age quicker and faster and you can even damage the skin cells.

7. You lose precious time – applying makeup on face can take a lot of time, especially if you go for complex looks, in the time used in putting it on the face you can read a book or spend time with a friend.

8. You spend money – the more you put on the more expensive it gets, you can really save money by not wearing makeup and you can do something else for yourself with that amount.

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