Charming Spring-Summer Collection by Ralph Lauren

lightweight-blazer Spring. A season of colors, warmth, and love. In most countries, spring is also when cherry blossoms and create a picturesque view of pinkish leaves. Many are quick to name spring when asked what’s their favorite season is, and this is certainly not without any reason.

Marked by warm days and cool evenings, spring clothing may be tricky. Although cardigans and vest are commonly used, you certainly don’t want to stick to basic clothing. Since spring is a season of color, there’s no harm in taking out colorful clothes out of your wardrobe and combining them with pastel-colored shoes, glasses, or simple accessories.

If you are still unsure of your spring fashion, here we have a Ralph Lauren‘s collection that may be the inspiration you’re looking for. Sshh! Don’t let the year count fools you. The timeless collection released by American designer Ralph Lauren is surely fitting to be used even years later. Founded over 40 years ago, Ralph Lauren style of clothing revolves around preppy style; liked and disliked at the same time by many people. This Spring-Summer collection, though, screams youth, joy, and color; exactly what the season needs!

Ralph Lauren’s collection is also unbounded by colors or textures. Who says you can’t pair a dark blue suit with a knee-length short? If you want to play it safe, you can always opt for beige-colored suit on top of your checkered shirt paired with dark blue tie, and complete the look with white plain trousers. If you’re on the experimental side, pair this unique checkered jacket with your bright yellow vest and pink shirt to make sure your style turns heads as you walk by.

Although released a few years ago, this collection surely doesn’t feel outdated or out of place. The color inspiration is applicable both for men and women, so make sure you take a careful look on the pictures below to see if you can don similar pairs from your wardrobe. Let your spring be as colorful and as pleasant!

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