Rainbow Makeup Look

We will show you today a creative tutorial on how to put some rainbows on your eyes. This look is fresh, perfect for summer or vacations and fits a very energetic personality and not only. With some patience and a few minutes the makeup will be done so lets see what you need and how to make this so you can enjoy a fund dress and shoes with some creative makeup on your eyes.

What you will need:

– different colors of liquid eyeliners (for this exact tutorial you need: blue, white, yellow, orange, turquoise and pink);
– eye primer;
– mascara.


1. Start by applying the eye primer to the lid, it is very important to have something on your lid so the liners will last longer.

2. Apply the first color from the rainbow, which is blue and make a usual line that ends like a cat eye.

2. Add the next color which is white, then yellow, orange, turquoise and pink. You can change the order as you wish.

3. Let the liners dry a little bit then add mascara to complete the look. Do not apply anything on your lower lash line, it will be too much.

Rainbow Makeup Look

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