Quick to Make Knot and Twist Bun

There are so many ways you can make buns, they are so great for various occasions, from daytime wear to evening parties, weddings, everything. Today we will show you a special bun that basically involves making a knot and a twist and the look is finished. You will need some small hair clips and bobby pins to fix the hair and eventually some hairspray. This look is very romantic, perfect for dating, so you can consider it on your hairstyles list you can make going on dates.


1. After you have washed your hair and dried it, you can straighten it or curl it as you wish. The idea is you don’t want it to be very slippery so the knot will be strong and won’t loosen.

2. Split the hair into two sections and make the knot. Be sure you gathered all hair strands.

3. Secure with some hair clips.

4. Make the whist and secure with clips again and bobby pins as needed. You can see how it should look in the pictures below.

5. Want more hold? Put some hairspray over and you are done, was it easy, or difficult?

once-wed-twisted-bun-diy-wedding-hair-tutorial Photo courtesy: oncewed.

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