Quick Tip to Hide Under Eye Shadows

Sleepless nights, fatigue, party until the morning, even stress and worries, all of these have an effect on the physical body. One of the symptoms the body shows you are the dark circles you see under your eyes. If you don’t have enough time to rest, hydrate and heal the body, you can cover them up with makeup. Even so, what products should you use, in what shades and how to effectively apply them?

Might be a few questions you encountered. To hide your under eye dark circles and shadows you can use a special concealer, and it has to have a great coverage. Buy the concealer in a shade that is in harmony with your skin color, then put some on your finger and start dotting with your fingertips on the problem areas and cover up a little bit also from the lid.

Now, with a small blending brush or even your fingers again, start blending the product into the skin. If you feel you need more coverage apply another layer of concealer over. You will feel better looking and more confident, not to mention a few years younger because dark circles make us look older.

dark-underyee Photo courtesy: beauty101blog.

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