Quick Techniques for Beauty in the Morning

Quick Techniques for Beauty in the Morning

For a modern woman that haven’t got enough time to loose with make-up and other things like that, we think you’ll find it useful to bring to your attention a few tips on how to look good in no time:

1. For swollen face, wash it with cold water a few times.

2. Use a serum or a cream suitable for your skin to moisturize.

3. For hiding small imperfections and a smooth complexion use some powder.

4. Powder your eyelids and hair and after that apply mascara for long expressive eyelashes.

5. Use cotton buds for possible smudged mascara.

6. The powder is also helping the shadows resist longer on your eyelids.

7. For soft lips use some lip balm or some gloss.

8. For some volume in your hair just lift the hair elastic or barrette.

9. For a final touch never forget to put on some perfume.

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