Three to Fifteen Minutes Simple Makeup Ideas

Putting on makeup is often a hassle for many; since some has to spend a long time in a bathroom or in front of a dressing table doing makeup. However, simple makeup ideas can be a much better alternative compared to spending minutes or even hours each day putting on makeup. And these ideas are especially handy if you have to leave for work early in the morning, and you just need that another 5 minute in bed. The ideas are also perfect for beginners, or if you want to appear casual without heavy makeup.

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First, let’s begin with the most basic, most time-efficient makeup routine that’d take you no more than 3 minutes to appear flawless. Famous Youtuber clothesencounters provided us with the tutorial via her channel, and all you’d need are foundation, brows, and mascara. If you have more than 3 minutes, you can add more variation to the routine.

Next, the 5 minutes makeup idea! This makeup can be done in less than 5 minutes, in fact, because all you need are simple, smudgy eyeliner, a thick coat of mascara, and a few layers of concealer and lip gloss. This works for all skin tones, and the final result is stunning! At first, even I had a hard time believing it’s possible to achieve the look in just 5 minutes.

Third on our list is the 10 minutes makeup routine. Thank Melissa Merk for uploading her natural + glowy makeup routine which provides us with a step-by-step tutorial. Within 10 minutes, Melissa could put on cream-based bronzer, foundation, and blush, and a light layer of matte eyeshadow and copper eyeliner. Prior to that, she put on argan oil to moisturize her skin.

Finally, the 15 minutes makeup idea! If you’re lucky enough to have at least quarter-hour to do your makeup, make the best out of it! You can contour, put on foundation and concealer, blend your blusher, fill your brows and do some highlighting! Make sure to keep it light and don’t overdo it!

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