Casual curls are amazing for when you don’t want to look too prepared, when going out, but still want to have a chic appearance. Easy and quick to make, they doesn’t require too much of a skill and in the same time they still look like you have made a certain procedure in a hair salon. Find out how to make some quick and casual curls in no more than 10 minutes.
What you will need:
– curling iron;
– texturizing hair spray.


Directions: After you have washed and dried your hair, comb it very well, apply some texturizing spray to it and split it into two sections, one in the middle of your head where you will use some hair clips to fix it temporary and the lower section from where you will start curling. Take the curling iron and start curling small strands of hair from the bottom part. After you have finished with it, release the upper part and curl all the hair again. In the end insert your fingers into the curls and loosen them and there you go, your casual curls are ready!

Photo courtesy: garlandofgraceblog.

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