Pretty Havaianas With Balloons – DIY

Pretty Hawaiians With Balloons - DIY (2)

If you are bored of your same old slippers, we found an idea that will make you spend a few relaxing minutes doing something handmade, with almost no money at all and a satisfying result. Here is a walk through the steps of making Havaianas  with balloons:

You will need:
– havaianas slippers;
– small baloons (multicolored or just a single one).

Directions: Take a balloon and tie it around your slippers strap, making two knots. Continue this move until you fill the slipper straps of your havaianas. Now you can enjoy your colorful joyful slippers. You can choose to make this with only one color for the balloons and see what it turns out in.

Pretty Hawaiians With Balloons - DIY

Photo courtesy: oneshetwoshe.

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